Melimax offers an electric charging station for hybrid cars!

More and more cities and companies are investing in hybrid cars and electric charging stations … Please note that for the happiness of its employees and customers, Melimax offers a free electric terminal!

The environment is a key cause for Melimax, which is why the group is involved in and investing in actions to promote ecology, specifically against atmospheric pollution caused by carbon droppings.

For its employees and also for its customers, Melimax offers a free charging station for hybrid cars. Come recharge your hybrid car in our head office at 303 Industriel Boulevard in Châteauguay J6J 4Z2, we would be happy to welcome you.

Also, in Quebec, there are nearly 800 public charging stations and over a hundred in downtown Montreal. In fact, the City of Montreal plans to install 1,000 recharge points by 2020 in order to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30%.